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0.95 cm Personalized Ribbon - 100pcs

0.95 cm Personalized Ribbon - 100pcs

0.95 cm Personalized Ribbon - 100pcs
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Custom printed on 0.95 cm satin ribbon. Approximately 30.48 cm each piece. May be shipped uncut in a spool. 100 ribbons per order. Maximum character limits includes spaces, caps takes up 1.5 character spaces. Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved

Please type " % " (without the quotation marks) where you want the emblem placed, only 1 emblem allowed. If you choose an emblem, but do not indicate placement, it will be determined by us.
Please type " / " (without the quotation marks) where you want the two sides to be separated.
Example: Jack % Jill / February 14, 2008
will be printed as:
Left side - Jack (emblem) Jill
Right side - February 14, 2008

NOTE: these are NOT continuous printed ribbons, these are two sided printed ribbons (left and right side with space in between the two sides to be tied) Our continuous printed ribbons are posted separately.

To view ribbon colours, please click icon on the right

PRODUCTION TIME: This is a custom item - please allow yourself enough time for the additional production time and shipping.

We always print some extras to send free of charge in case you mis-counted a few guests.
Can only print regular English alphabet and numbers, not able to do foreign characters, symbols, accents ^ ` ~ ( ) @ ; : * etc.
Sorry, not able to do custom logos/images
Please note, each roll is large enough to hold more than 1 order. (i.e. If you've ordered 5 x orders, and they didn't come in 5 different spools, do not be alarmed, you can count them yourself to verify, they are all there.)

Text Imprint Guideline.
all lower case, we will change to the following:
mary and john = Mary and John
let's party now = Let's Party Now

all CAPS, in most cases will not fit. We will print all CAPS if possible, otherwise, it will be changed to:
MARY & JOHN = Mary & John
LET'S PARTY NOW = Let's Party Now
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