9.14 metre reels
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6.35 cm Wired Organza-Apple Green6.35 cm Wired Organza-Apple Green
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Baby Blue6.35 cm Wired Organza-Baby Blue
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Black6.35 cm Wired Organza-Black
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Burgundy6.35 cm Wired Organza-Burgundy
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Chocolate6.35 cm Wired Organza-Chocolate
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Coral Orange6.35 cm Wired Organza-Coral Orange
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Gold6.35 cm Wired Organza-Gold
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Hunter6.35 cm Wired Organza-Hunter
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Ivory6.35 cm Wired Organza-Ivory
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Lavender6.35 cm Wired Organza-Lavender
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Mauve6.35 cm Wired Organza-Mauve
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Mint6.35 cm Wired Organza-Mint
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Navy Blue6.35 cm Wired Organza-Navy Blue
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Peach6.35 cm Wired Organza-Peach
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Pink6.35 cm Wired Organza-Pink
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Purple6.35 cm Wired Organza-Purple
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Red6.35 cm Wired Organza-Red
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Royal Blue6.35 cm Wired Organza-Royal Blue
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Silver (Out of Stock)6.35 cm Wired Organza-Silver (Out of Stock)
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Turquoise6.35 cm Wired Organza-Turquoise
6.35 cm Wired Organza-White6.35 cm Wired Organza-White
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Willow6.35 cm Wired Organza-Willow
6.35 cm Wired Organza-Yellow6.35 cm Wired Organza-Yellow
6.35cm Black & Silver Stripe Wired Ribbon6.35cm Black & Silver Stripe Wired Ribbon
6.35cm Feng Shui Wired Red Ribbon6.35cm Feng Shui Wired Red Ribbon
6.35cm Glitter Polka Dot Wired Gold Ribbon6.35cm Glitter Polka Dot Wired Gold Ribbon
6.35cm Glittering Holly Wired Black Ribbon6.35cm Glittering Holly Wired Black Ribbon
6.35cm Glittering Matrix Wired Black Ribbon6.35cm Glittering Matrix Wired Black Ribbon
6.35cm Glittering Star Wired Red Ribbon6.35cm Glittering Star Wired Red Ribbon
6.35cm Glittering Star Wired White Ribbon6.35cm Glittering Star Wired White Ribbon
6.35cm Silver Music Wired Black Ribbon6.35cm Silver Music Wired Black Ribbon
6.35cm Silver Swirl Wired White Ribbon6.35cm Silver Swirl Wired White Ribbon
6.35cm Wired Flower Print Ribbon - Gold6.35cm Wired Flower Print Ribbon - Gold
6.35cm Wired Flower Print Ribbon - Pink6.35cm Wired Flower Print Ribbon - Pink
6.35cm Wired Gold Swirl White Ribbon6.35cm Wired Gold Swirl White Ribbon
6.35cm Wired Valentine Heart Ribbon - Burlap6.35cm Wired Valentine Heart Ribbon - Burlap
6.35cm Wired Valentine Red Heart Ribbon - White6.35cm Wired Valentine Red Heart Ribbon - White
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