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Fabulous Flying Lanterns - White x 5 (Seconds - discounted!)

Fabulous Flying Lanterns - White x 5 (Seconds - discounted!)

Fabulous Flying Lanterns - White x 5 (Seconds - discounted!)
Stained productStained product
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Heavily discounted!!  The parrafin cells have "sweated" and have stained the white lantern leaving brown marks.  This does not affect the use of the lantern simply it's visual appearance.  Keeping in mind these are almost only used in the dark it should not be noticeable.  See additonal photo - most stains are similar or less than this.

Flying Lanterns, also known as Sky Lanterns, will add an exciting new element to your celebration. Amazing to see and so much fun!

Their sparkle can be seen flying up in the air for up to 15 minutes and the lanterns can travel several kilometres in distance, after which the flame will blow out and they will gently float back down for a safe landing. Sky Lanterns will fly to more than 800 meters in altitude, providing an enjoyable yet amazingly simple show for all ages.

When a Flying Lanterns Fuel Cell is lit (Paraffin Wax), the heat generated from the fuel cell creates lift (similar to a hot air balloon), and causes the lantern to rise into the sky. Once the fuel cell has been exhausted, the Sky lantern floats gently back to earth.

Our Flying Lanterns are safe and easy to use.
They are made of flame resistant paper which is 100% biodegradable and requires only minimal assembly. They are quiet, can be operated in areas where noise restrictions are in place and also can be used in areas with animals and children.

Enjoy them a few at a time or create amazing displays by launching them in big groups.

The concept of releasing Flying Lanterns dates back over 2000 years to Chinese traditions. The Chinese would release numerous flying lanterns in one go, all with wishes, hopes, and messages of good luck written onto them. Why not adopt this age old tradition for something unique and special that all of your guests can be involved in?

Our Lanterns are elliptical in shape.
Dimensions: Approx. 95cm high x 70cm wide and are 36cm wide at the base.

Each lantern comes with a fuel cell and a full set of Safety & Release instructions.

Order is for 1 packet (5 lanterns) of the same colour, packs can not be mixed colours

Each default order quantity of 1 is for 5 lanterns.
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